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Programming Code List

You may program your phone once it's ESN is activate in Page Plus Cellular's system.
Listed below are the programming codes that we recomend using to activate devices.
After dialing one of the below codes, you will have two options. Press 1 or 2. Option 1 will program the phone.
Option 2 will update your phone's programming or PRL (this helps with tower connectivity and we recommend updating every 90 days)

  1. *228
  2. *22801
  3. *22890
  4. *22800

9 times out of 10, *228 will work, in some rare instances though, you may have to dial *22801 or *22800 to force the phone to connect to the proper tower.
If you happen to connect to a US Cellular (USCC) or Sprint (SPR) tower, then hang up and dial a different code.
For example, if you are in Hamlet, NC then USCC is going to be the dominant carrier so you will need to dial *22800 to force connect to the proper tower.
If you are in Raleigh, NC then VZW is the dominant carrier so you may simply dial *22801 or *228 to connect to the proper tower.
Depending on how old the PRL on your phone is, you may not connect to the proper tower. This is why you need to make sure you try each of the aforementioned codes before giving up or calling customer service.
If during programming you are asked to enter your 10-digit phone number, this means that the phone's ESN has not been successfully activated. Please go into the phone's software menu and verify that the ESN inside matches the sticker on the box and underneath the battery.
If activation fails and you know the ESN is correct and active, then try hard resetting the phone.
A few items that can cause programming to fail:

MIN/MDN - these should be set to an non-programmed state before the initial *228 - 0000001234 is the default.
SID/NID - this should be set to 2004 / 65535 before programming. The NID will never change, SID depends on area.
MCC/MNC - this should be set to 310 / 00 . If it is set to anything else the phone will fail programming.