> Prepaid Terminals & ePins
Prepaid Wireless:

Prepaid Wireless eliminates your hard card inventory and gives you back your valuable shelf space. We have All Prepaid Companies (Ex: Page Plus, Net10, Simple Mobile,
H2O, Cricket, Red Pocket, etc.)

Prepaid Long Distance:

With one of the highest profit margins of all prepaid products, prepaid long distance means convenience and value for your customers, and increased revenue and traffic for you. Whether your customer needs to call across the country or around the world, you’ve got the solution.

Terminals benefits include:

  • Unique Direct Top-Up products; no pins or cards; increases traffic by up to 100%
  • Sell multiple products from a single terminal.
  • Real-time, web-based reporting and account management.
  • Eliminate inventory overhead.
  • Eliminate out-of-stock conditions.
  • Eliminate shrinkage, theft and fraud.

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