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The 12 Plan Talk n Text 1500 Unlimited Talk n Text
The 12 Plan
Dealer Price :$11.52
Talk n Text 1500
Dealer Price :$28.75
Unlimited Talk n Text
Dealer Price :$38.35
Dealer Price: 11.52
250 Minutes, 250 Messages, 10MB Data.
The 12 plan is our light usage package for minimal cell phone users. The 12 plan offers the right amount of talking and texting for anyone looking to save on their monthly bill. Plus, you get 10 MB of data so you can do things like occasionally check your email. It’s the perfect low budget, monthly plan
Dealer Price: $28.75
1,500 Minutes, Unlimited Messages, 1GB Data
This is the most cost-effective plan for people with average usage of voice calling, text/picture* messaging and data usage. The Talk n Text 1500 plan includes 1,500 domestic voice minutes, Unlimited domestic text messages (SMS) or picture/video messages* (MMS), and 1GB of data; More of each than the average person uses in a month. It is an especially good plan for people who are paying more per month for unlimited plans yet are not using as many minutes/messages/MB of data as this plan provides
Dealer Price: $38.35
Unlimited Talk, Unlimited Text, 3 GB of Data
Unlimited Talk n Text Prepaid Monthly Plan If you want the best unlimited calling and text messaging plan in the nation for one low monthly price, the Unlimited Talk n Text plan is right for you. Talk and text all you want for only $39.95 a month! Plus, you get 3 GB of data to use each month for things like e-mailing and surfing the web. The Unlimited Talk n Text plan has no hidden fees. You can also bring (“port”) your existing phone numbers with you to the new service from other plans or from landlines. All this for $39.95 a month.
The 55 3 GB 69.95 Unlimited Talk Txt & 5 GB of DATA
The 55 3 GB
Dealer Price :$52.80
Dealer Price: $52.80
Unlimited Talk, Unlimited Text, 5 GB of High Speed Data + Unlimited reduced speed data after first 5 GB.
The 55 plan is the total package of talk, text and data. Talk and text all you want with no surprise bill at the end of the month. Plus, this plan provides 5 gigabytes (GB) of high speed data and unlimited reduced speed data after the first 5 gigs. You can surf the web, check email and update your social status right from your phone. This plan is perfect for anyone who needs an unlimited plan with more data.
Dealer Price: $67.15
Unlimited Talk, Unlimited Text, 7 GB of Data of High Speed Data, UNLIMITED Mobile 2 Mobile calling to MEXICO + 400 International minutes!
The $69.95 plan is the perfect unlimited plan with unlimited data. We know how much our customers want more data, so we packed 7 GB of high speed data + unlimited reduced speed data into the $69.95 plan - more than any other Page Plus plan provides. Now, you can easily surf the web, and update your social networks. This plan is perfect for anyone who needs more data at a more affordable rate than other plans with this much data.