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Return Policy

  • All returns need to be evaluated at the office and will be exchanged after testing. This process might take days.

  • 30 days limited warranty.

  • No scratches, scuffs or any sign of cosmetic damage.

  • Phone can only be returned in its original package with matching ESN numbers on the box.

  • No damage in charging port or any sign of water damage.

  • We reserve the right to delete or change specifications, including price, at any time

  • Phones with the following problems will not be considered for return or exchange:

    1. Phones that have been physically damaged due to customer usage.

    2. Phones that have not been returned within the 30 days warranty period.

    3. Any phone that has been programmed with a password lock by either a dealer or customer will be returned due to the fact that our technician will be unable to check any possible malfunctions associated with the phone.

    4. Phones that have had any type of water damage. Water damage can create different types of phone malfunctions, such as charging problems, functioning problems, and speaker and earpiece malfunctions. Any phone that has water damage will be returned to the dealer with no replacement issued.

  • This policy applies only to DEALERS, NOT RETAIL CUSTOMERS.

  • ALL sales are final.
  • BLU Phones found to be deffective must be returned to BLU and cannot be returned to Page Plus Wireless of Raleigh. Please email rma@ct-miami.com or call 1-877-639-6393 (Monday - Friday 9:30 am - 5:30 pm EST) for warranty information and for information regarding how to request an RMA form.
  • If you have products that you have purchased from Page Plus Raleigh and you believe they are covered under the Return Policy, follow the steps below.

  1. Please fill out an RMA Form here: Online RMA Form Request
  2. Package the phone in the ORIGINAL packaging, complete with all accessories accompanying the phone when purchased. This includes the battery, charger, battery cover (if applicable) and any manuals included.
  3. Package up your return for shipment and include your store name, RMA # and location on the outside of the package. Packages without RMA will be refused and returned to shipper. Include the completed RMA form that you have received listing the approved handsets for return.
  • You may ship back your package in any manner you prefer, USPS, UPS, Fed-Ex.
  • We do not cover shipping for phones returned to us. There is NO exception to this.
  • Once your return has been received, it will be processed as quickly as possible. We will ship back repaired or replaced phones within 14 days of receipt. Phones considered out-of-warranty or denied due to one or more reason's will be held until the sender places an order or pay's for return shipping.

    NO cash refunds will be made! Any phone that is deemed a valid return will be reviewed by the management for appropriate action.

    If you have any questions, please contact our tech department at 1-877-863-8866.

    All returns should be shipped to:
    Page Plus Raleigh
    Attn: Tech Dept
6601 Hillsborough St. STE 101
Raleigh, NC 27606

Effective: 6/21/2012, Revised 04/29/2014*
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